Annual report 2023


Annual Report

January 2023 until December 2023



Humane Globe has started a mission in late 2020 in order to address one of the most important
challenges that children suffering from cancer and living in economical hardship face: getting
access to life-saving medications. According to medical experts, more than 85% of children with
cancer fully recover if and only if they receive the required medications.

As we reach the conclusion of our third year of operations, we reflect with pride on the
accomplishments made possible by our generous donors. The mission of Humane Globe has
resonated with people who saw the problem and wanted to make a difference. Our campaign,
disseminated across multiple social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and
Instagram, garnered unexpected levels of attention and engagement. Our donors hail from over
10 countries spanning three continents, including Switzerland, Germany, France, the US, Canada,
and the UK, among others.


  1. This report is prepared to brief the members of the general assembly and the general
    audience of the Humane Globe Association on the sum of donations and expenditures
    over 2023.
  2. Thanks to the generous donations collected over 2023, we are edging closer to our
    financial target for procurement of the next parcel. Although our target for dispatching a
    parcel in 2023 was not met, we anticipate collecting sufficient funds in 2024 to ship the
    next package this year.

Financial Balance

Tables 1 and 2 summarize the sum of donations and expenditures received in the period of
January 2023 to December 2023, in CHF and EUR, respectively. Two currencies are used in
this report as the association had two accounts, one in each currency, in the period of this


Table 1. Summary of financial data in CHF over 2023

Time Period Balance at the start of the period (CHF)Donations (CHF)(1)Expenditures (CHF)Balance at the end of the period (CHF)
01/01/2023 to 31/12/20239989.9134958.15264.644683.46


Table 2. Summary of financial data in EUR over 2023

Time Period Balance at the start of the period (EUR)Donations (EUR)Expenditures (EUR)Balance at the end of the period (EUR)   
01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023244.84061.74183.1


It is worth noting that the donations include the transaction via all available payment methods
such as Paypal, Online Transfer, Credit Card payments, and Twint. The expenditures include
only operational costs, such as account management fees, payment portal fees, and costs
associated with the website.

In summary, the Humane Globe Association has received an equivalent of 34958.15 CHF in
donations and membership fees in 2023. In the same year, 0 CHF are spent on the
procurement of medications, an equivalent of 322.83 CHF (264.6 CHF and 61.74 EUR) are
spent on the operational costs, and an equivalent of 44856.16 CHF (44683.46 CHF and 183.1
EUR) are carried over to 2024. This latter amount together with the funds raised in 2024 will be
spent on the purchase of medications.




 1. Out of which 5000 CHF were the membership fees received from 20 members of the General Assembly.